Thirteen Days until Daylight Savings Time

It’s March 1, and here at flicksthatmakemesick, we would like to extend a joyous shout-out to meteorological spring, even though my car was encased in a half-inch of ice yesterday. Here is a small tribute to the month from my favorite Albanian weatherman: Continue reading

Final Thoughts on the Academy Awards

Well, now, that wasn’t so good, was it? I think I would rather watch James Franco cut off his arm than see him host this show again. Dude was either terrified or stoned, and I hope for his sake it was the latter because at least he won’t remember how bad he was. And Anne Hathaway had a lot of pretty dresses. I’m really sorry Exit Through the Gift Shop didn’t win because I heard Banksy was going to show up in a monkey suit. At least that would have livened things up a little.