Bridesmaids Revisited

Here’s a little bonus for all you wedding guests who loved the movie and couldn’t get enough of it. Click on this Bridesmaids outake video and see a few scenes that didn’t make the film. Talk about an embarrassment of riches! Some of the deleted scenes are even funnier than the film.

Warning: this link takes you to Perez Hilton’s site and the scenes are definitely not work-approved. Do not attempt to watch if you’re in an open area where everyone can watch you watching Jon Hamm talk reeeeally dirty to Kristin Wiig.

One thought on “Bridesmaids Revisited

  1. carolyn Broquet

    Thanks for the warning…I closed the door at work and l really cheered myself up!
    During the Megan adlibs, you can see the guy behind her cracking up.

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