Cowboys & Aliens

The floors of venture capitalists everywhere are littered with the crumbled up dreams of great concepts that didn’t work. New Coke. Compassionate Conservatism. The Segway. That last one was going to change transportation as we know it – who could have predicted that people wouldn’t want to ride around on a really expensive stand-up scooter that made you look like Rosie the Robot sans frilly apron? Continue reading “Cowboys & Aliens”

The Help

It’s hard out there for a white liberal who goes to a lot of movies; how do you decide which films are politically correct and which ones offend your sensibilities? Am I a Nazi sympathizer if don’t applaud when Captain America decks Hitler? A fallen Catholic if I support the concept of premarital sex and Justin Timberlake mostly naked in Friends with Benefits? Will PETA throw liquified Twizzlers on me if I check out Rise of the Planet of the Apes? To add to this dilemma, we now have the most guilt-inducing film of the year: The Help. Continue reading “The Help”

Captain America 3D

It’s been a good summer for villains without noses. First we had the snakelike profile of Rafe Fiennes slithering through the frames of Harry Potter, and now Captain America has introduced us to the Red Skull, a tomato faced skeletor with nothing but a big old hole where the schnozz should be. I almost included Owen Wilson in this group, but he actually has a nose in Midnight in Paris. It’s just that it looks like a penis. But I digress. Continue reading “Captain America 3D”

Friends with Benefits

When you hear there is a new movie out called Friends with Benefits and your first thought is “I wonder if they have Blue Cross Blue Shield?”, you can be certain that you are not the demographic for this film. The benefits being referred to have nothing to do with vacation days, although that would certainly be a good way to spend them. The audience for this film is the twenty-somethings, that generation of young people who live in a constant state of stimulation that requires hooking up and plugging in. And I’m not even talking about sex. Continue reading “Friends with Benefits”