With the baseball playoffs just around the corner, fans are eagerly watching highlight reels and checking box scores to see where their teams are in the standings. If you’re in New York, Philadelphia or Detroit, you’re probably gloating over the fact that your team has clinched their division and are sending mocking texts to your friends whose teams are sweating out the wild card spot. If you’re in Chicago, you’re probably just grateful that summer is finally over and you can move on to something more productive, like repeatedly slamming your hand in a car door. Continue reading “Moneyball”

Horrible Bosses

Watching a scene that is identifiable to your own life can often increase your understanding and enjoyment of a particular film.* For instance, if you are a boxer who has a strong bond with your seven weird sisters and one certifiable brother and you hope to make a comeback and have an HBO documentary made about you, you would probably find The Fighter deeply engrossing. Or if you’ve been in a situation where you ate a fortune cookie or pissed in a fountain with someone and then switched bodies, there are any number of movies that thoughtfully address this situation. Or say you saved a lot of Jews from the Nazis and your name is Schindler – I know just the film for you! Continue reading “Horrible Bosses”

Our Idiot Brother

I have a confession to make. I am a Paul Rudd whore. There are few things that bring me more pleasure than settling down to watch Role Models or I Love You, Man. Sometimes I dab a little Sex Panther behind each ear just so I can smell like him. And if I ever get a chance to meet James Westfall and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater*, I will not hesitate to …well, I’ll keep that little fantasy to myself for my private online blog (www.thingsidliketojuggle). Continue reading “Our Idiot Brother”

Labor Day Weekend! Werk!

The best way to celebrate having a job is by not having to do it. Welcome to Labor Day weekend, the three day end-of-summer celebration where those of us not in the 9% unemployment statistic try to pay tribute to all those brave laborers who have paved the way for us to sit at computers for eight hours a day and develop some serious posture issues. You could do yoga to counteract that curvature of your spine, but I suggest laying flat on the couch and revisiting a few films that remind us of why we do what we do. Continue reading “Labor Day Weekend! Werk!”