Tragedy is pretty cut and dry. It’s easy enough to agree that some things that happen in life will make you cry, although everyone has different weep thresholds. It may take cataclysmic natural disasters to squeeze a tear out of you, while just hearing Sarah McLachlan’s Angel on the radio makes me sob uncontrollably (those poor dogs!). But comedy is a bit more subjective. What I laugh at might confuse you; what you find hilarious would probably puzzle me and possibly make me want to move my chair a little further away. Continue reading “50/50”

The Ides of March

Timing, in film as well as comedy and birth control, is everything. Large crowds of people (or “mobs” as Eric Cantor likes to call them) have been compelled to gather and protest the fact that the country is starting to feel like the end of It’s a Wonderful Life, but not the heartwarming part when George Bailey runs through the snow shouting “Merry Christmas, you old Savings and Loan!”, but the part before that when he realizes that Bedford Falls has become Potterville. Are we witnessing the beginning of a new political movement, or is it simply that all those unemployed people don’t have anything better to do? Continue reading “The Ides of March”


Our Friend the Immune System is one classy act. When the waiter sticks his finger in your water glass right after picking his nose, it’s up to the old I.S. to stomp down those norovirus germs and keep you from sniffling. When you pluck a luscious melon wrapped in prosciutto from the appetizer bar at the wedding you attended where the bride was from Colorado but unfortunately so was the cantaloupe, you hope it will be ready to take on the Listeria that is sure to follow. But some things are bigger than Vitamin C and Purell, so when that bitch Gwyneth Paltrow cheats on her saintly husband Matt Damon on the way back from Hong Kong and infects the entire city with an unknown virus, you may as well just kiss your ass goodbye because this thing is going viral. Continue reading “Contagion”