The Top Ten Films of 2011 Most Likely to Make You Hurl

Top Ten Best of Lists abound at the end of the year, and never let it be said that flicksthatmakemesick is above following the major critics like a bleating sheep. Their lists discuss the best movies that were shown, usually including an Iranian classic or two that no one else saw that makes them feel very important. But flicksthatmakemesick speaks for the people! We are not analyzing the dinosaur metaphor that clearly indicated something really symbolic in Terrance Malik’s The Tree of Life; we are attempting to keep you from throwing up on your new sweater while contemplating Tom Cruise hanging upside down on the outside of the world’s tallest building. (my advice would be do not attempt Mission Impossible on a date night. Especially in IMAX. Just sayin’.)

When I started this site nearly a year ago (big anniversary coming up – January 29, 2012!), it felt like every movie I went to involved a shaky camera. It was a trend that seemed like it could become the norm, but as the year progressed, it showed up less frequently. I think the popularity of 3D had something to do with that; if Captain America is going to hurl his shield at you, you want it to look like it’s going to smack you right between the eyes, not be all wobbly and shaky. I would love to see the cardboard glasses go the way of the hand-held camera, but it’s hard to predict where Hollywood will go (with the exception of the fact that you can count on a sequel to The Hangover and that raunchy sex comedies aimed at teenage boys will always make money.) More on this topic later and the future of flicksthatmakemesick as the site storms into 2012! (and don’t forget about that anniversary – Costco has movie gift certificates and my favorite color is red!)

The Top Ten Films of 2011 Most Likely to Make You Hurl
10. Transformers
9. Cave of Forgotten Dreams
8. Black Swan
7. The Source Code
6. Tower Heist
5. Breaking Dawn
4. Contagion
3. Paranormal Activity 3
2. The Fighter
1. Exit Through the Gift Shop

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