2012 Academy Award Nominations!

There’s not a lot to get excited about in late January. The weather sucks, your credit cards are maxed out on things that no one wrote you a thank you note for, and the endless Republican debates are making us fear for society. But here at flicksthatmakemesick, we’re as happy as Demian Bichir because it’s Academy Award time!

If you have no idea who Demian Bichir is or why he’s happy, then you need to carefully study the list of nominations to get ready for the big event. Continue reading “2012 Academy Award Nominations!”

The Artist/Hugo

Shut up. No, really, just be quiet for a minute. The cacophony that surrounds us in our daily lives is so out of control that we’re all going to end up like Pete Townshend, muttering “What?” everytime someone asks him about his generation. It’s gotten to the point where you can’t tell the difference between a real estate agent who’s on the phone closing a deal and the batshit crazy dude who’s walking down the street talking smack to himself, because the decibel level is about the same. We all need to just shut up for awhile. Continue reading “The Artist/Hugo”


2012! A year so scary that it has a disaster film named after it! If the Mayans are correct, then flicksthatmakemesick only has about 11 months left to inflict its cutting-edge comedy and world-weary, puke-tinged movie reviews on you. So make sure you click on this site several times a day so you won’t miss a single word! And if they’re wrong … well, you should still hit it all the time. What else are you going to do – watch the Republican primaries? (and may I just add that if Rick Santorum is actually elected president, we will all be praying that the damn Mayans were right.) Continue reading “2012”