2012! A year so scary that it has a disaster film named after it! If the Mayans are correct, then flicksthatmakemesick only has about 11 months left to inflict its cutting-edge comedy and world-weary, puke-tinged movie reviews on you. So make sure you click on this site several times a day so you won’t miss a single word! And if they’re wrong … well, you should still hit it all the time. What else are you going to do – watch the Republican primaries? (and may I just add that if Rick Santorum is actually elected president, we will all be praying that the damn Mayans were right.)

2012 was one of the best bad movies ever made. With John Cusack as the writer/limo driver who saves his family while the world is collapsing around him, the special effects were spectacular and it contained the prerequisite disaster film black president. It deserved Three Barf Bags just for the script alone, but … hey, wait a minute. We have a black president now! OMG! How did the Mayans know?

If the world is going to end, you may as well go out with a bang. The end credits of the film (all eleven minutes of them) are the best part, as the insane vocal acrobatics of an Adam Lambert power ballad soar over the 7000 names of people who contributed their skill and time to this train wreck. Time for Miracles indeed! 2012 is going to rock! Or explode! We were warned!

A Note to Loyal Readers: I’m not avoiding writing actual movie reviews – I’ve just been very busy! Coming Next: The Artist/Hugo mash-up! Which film convinced you that silent is the only way to go?

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