The Academy Awards: Everything Old is New Again

Don’t throw the past away
You might need it some rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When everything old is new again

Let’s hope that the Mayans are not as accurate with their predictions as Peter Allen was when he wrote this song. Last night’s Academy Awards demonstrated that if 94% of your membership is composed of old, white men, chances are pretty good that they are going to vote for a chance to relive their youth and give the golden statuette to a black & white silent movie. Kind of like an all male panel in Congress deciding that funding birth control is useless – go with what you know! I was planning on turning flicksthatmakemesick monochromatic to honor The Artist, but I decided it was too much trouble; plus I didn’t even like the movie that much.

Billy Crystal was also back, bringing his time-tested schtick and song parodies along as he hosted for the 9th time. I thought he was funny and had a few good bits, but I felt like I had already seen most of what he did. It’s a shame Eddie Murphy dropped out, because that could have been really interesting. I would have liked to see the opening monologue performed by Gumby.

Because the Oscars are always more fun with a crowd, I invited a few friends over to watch the show. One loyal follower of my blog who was there said, “It’s like being invited to watch the Academy Awards with Roger Ebert.” (And for that fabulous compliment, I will plug her blog Xanboni – it has nothing to do with film but you’ll learn a lot about skating. Think The Cutting Edge with a twist, which is the only movie involving ice skaters that I know.)

I am humbled to admit I was in a tie for 4th place on my Award Predictions Ballot, but that only proves that having a blog on the internet doesn’t really make you an expert on anything except possibly having too much free time. And the winner of the contest had not seen a single one of the nine nominated best films. (I saw seven of them, and she won the $42.)

Moving on: Spring tends to be hit or miss when it comes to decent films, but we have The Hunger Games to look forward to in March and The Avengers this summer. Who knows what will happen to the hand-held camera craze, but flicksthatmakemesick will still do its best to keep you informed of any movies that may require you to bring a change of clothing in your purse. If I had a catch phrase, I would use it right here; like “See You at the Movies” or “Save Me the Aisle Seat”.

I need a catchphrase! I smell a contest coming!

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