The Dark Knight Rises

Last Thursday night, I had a memorable conversation with my son. I mentioned that he seemed pretty excited about his plans for the evening, and he said that he had been waiting for four years for this to happen. The tickets printed and waiting in his pocket had been purchased weeks ago, and now all that was left was to get through the hours until the show started at midnight. I haven’t been excited enough about a film to stay up past 10:00pm in years, but I was happy for him as he bounced off into the night.

The next morning, I turned on the local morning news in mid-story, hoping they weren’t going to tell me it was going to be 100 degrees again that Friday. And heard the report that a masked gunman had opened fire in an AMC Theatre at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. For at least three minutes, they recounted the horror of what had gone on without revealing where this theatre was until finally – finally – they mentioned it was in a suburb of Denver. Relief flooded my system; Chicago has had a horribly violent summer but this one time, it was somewhere else. But for just a few agonizing moments, I got a taste of what those parents in Aurora are going to be dealing with for a very long time. Continue reading “The Dark Knight Rises”


This princess thing has been around for awhile. My own royal memory goes back many years to when I used to put a pair of tights on my head and pretend I was Rapunzel, not caring that my long flowing hair was shaped like feet at the end. And when my daughter was six years old, she convinced the lunch lady at her kindergarten that her real name was Cinderella; they called her that for the whole year. So maybe it’s genetic. Continue reading “Brave”

Magic Mike

I would like to thank the Hollywood moguls who greenlight the popular culture images that we voluntarily pay money to watch and that invite us to compare ourselves to a Mila Kunis or Cameron Diaz; for now there is a film for the other half of the population to gaze upon and also feel completely inadequate and bad about their own bodies. I am speaking, of course, of Magic Mike. Continue reading “Magic Mike”

Moonrise Kingdom

Island vacations offer a chance to escape from the relentlessness of society. I just got back from a blissful retreat at a place with a sandy beach, exuberant vegetation and some whales. And at the house where I was staying, there was an iPad, an iTouch, a laptop, two iPods, an iPhone, a Blackberry and 6 cellphones (two of which spent most of their time there in a baggie full of rice, because you’re supposed to take them out of your pocket before the wave knocks you down). Because even though it requires a hell of a lot of battery power, staying in touch is important. Continue reading “Moonrise Kingdom”