flicksthatmakemesick is back!

My apologies to all the filmgoers with weak guts who look to this site for guidance and may have accidentally wandered into the 48 frame per second version of The Hobbit because I wasn’t here to tell them not to. It’s like I’m George Bailey and Clarence was testing me by showing the audience what movies would be like if flicksthatmakemesick never existed. But I’ve realized the error of my ways and I promise I will never again take a two-month hiatus, at least without telling you first. (By the way, this is what I was doing: The Samoan Letters)

Academy Award nominations are coming up soon (January 10), and flicksthatmakemesick will be your guide for the best movies of 2012! I’m a little behind, but coming soon I’ll have reviews for Argo, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook and Life of Pi. Hey! It’s snowing! Merry Christmas, you old savings and loan! Zuzu’s petals!

Les Misérables

lesmizI now know why the 99% movement never really went anywhere: aside from not defining exactly what they were protesting, they also didn’t have a kick-ass theme song. The tiny French revolution (not the Big one) that takes place in the movie Les Misérables is no better organized than the tent cities that sprang up around the country during the heyday of the protests, but when the boy-band-cute revolutionaries start harmonizing on “Do You Hear the People Sing?”, the unwashed crowds can’t help but join in. That song makes you want to overthrow the government and thrust your fist in the air. Future revolutionaries, take note! Continue reading “Les Misérables”