Once (2006)

In 2006, a little indie that could showed up in theatres and showed the overbloated producers of Dreamgirls and Chicago exactly how a tiny little musical with no budget but tons of heart could completely capture an audience. Made for just $160,000, this film was so underfunded that the lead characters couldn’t even afford first […]

tick, tick . . . BOOM!

As we try to open up flicksthatmakemesick to more people with the new categories, it is unfortunate that the first movie reviewed will only appeal to a specific group of people. How just like the internet to make a headline clickbait and then give you something completely different. I am aware that much of the […]

The Boys

Flicksthatmakemesick hasn’t had a lot of material to write about in the past few years. The whole hand-held camera technique that was responsible for much of the motion-sickness issues of a certain percentage of the audience (granted, a small percentage but we were out there, holding our sticky hands up to be counted) has been replaced […]

First Man

Welcome back, o ye of feeble tummy! In case no one noticed, flicksthatmakesmesick has been quietly dormant for an astonishingly long four years. That’s what happens when you create a website that is so specifically about one thing that there is nothing to write about when that one thing goes away. Kind of like what […]

“Top Ten Barf-tastic Movies” article

Dear Everyone I Bragged To on the Internet: In a clear cut case of counting your buzzards before they hatch, it appears that my article entitled The Top Ten Barf-tastic Movies To Avoid will NOT be published online at Vulture.com. An editor at the New York Magazine affiliated site originally contacted me and said he […]

The Bling Ring/The Way Way Back

Teen age angst has been a popular film subject for years, and no wonder: the years of emotional upheaval, budding sexuality and the quest for popularity combine to make movies that remind those of us who are past this age to stay away from time machines. It also feeds directly into the touch of narcissism […]

The Heat

As we all know, a thank you note must always be hand written, preferably on a lovely creme-colored stock in indigo ink from a heavy fountain pen that allows the words of gratitude to flow smoothly from its nib. This is why cursive must not be allowed to disappear from our public schools, because a […]

Star Trek: Into Darkness

There is an unspoken rule among movie critics that you do not spoil a movie’s ending. This speaks to the respect that grows between an audience and a trusted reviewer who realizes that when a person invests hard-earned cash in an evening of entertainment, they deserve the right to approach the film with a child’s […]

Les Misérables

I now know why the 99% movement never really went anywhere: aside from not defining exactly what they were protesting, they also didn’t have a kick-ass theme song. The tiny French revolution (not the Big one) that takes place in the movie Les Misérables is no better organized than the tent cities that sprang up […]


Science-fictiony time travel plots are as popular in movies as junior mints and tubs of popcorn. In some instances, the way you go is not as important as why. (I’ve done some discourse on this in the past because I always welcome a chance to throw a little vitriol at Midnight in Paris). Pithy sayings […]