The Tree of Life

I like my movies with a little content. Oh sure, now and then I may seem a bit shallow as I pant over some actor’s glorious abs, and a good super hero flick always makes me happy (how much longer till The Avengers?), but there is something to be said for falling into a few hours of delicious symbolism and random references of the primal beginnings of life, especially if they are gorgeously imagined as bursts of spectacle and life forms that glow like a solar flare explosion reflected in the iris of a dinosaur’s eye. I’m not really sure what that sentence means, either. Welcome to The Tree of Life! Continue reading “The Tree of Life”


With the baseball playoffs just around the corner, fans are eagerly watching highlight reels and checking box scores to see where their teams are in the standings. If you’re in New York, Philadelphia or Detroit, you’re probably gloating over the fact that your team has clinched their division and are sending mocking texts to your friends whose teams are sweating out the wild card spot. If you’re in Chicago, you’re probably just grateful that summer is finally over and you can move on to something more productive, like repeatedly slamming your hand in a car door. Continue reading “Moneyball”