Science-fictiony time travel plots are as popular in movies as junior mints and tubs of popcorn. In some instances, the way you go is not as important as why. (I’ve done some discourse on this in the past because I always welcome a chance to throw a little vitriol at Midnight in Paris). Pithy sayings aside, sometimes it is the destination and to hell with the journey. How you get there isn’t really the most important thing if the question is “If you could go back in time, would you kill Hitler?” Continue reading

The Five Year Engagement

I found it extremely odd that 3 out of the last 13 movies I have reviewed have had Jason Segel in them. Jason is a likable goof, but I don’t seek out films that he’s in – I don’t even watch How I Met Your Mother. But it all came clear to me when I discovered Vulture’s very informative Map of the Comedy Zeitgeist that explains the hierarchy of hilarity – study it carefully, as it will keep you abreast of the next wave of funny that will be coming your way. Apparently Paul Rudd will be in all of them, and that is a good thing. Continue reading

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Some days I feel like I’m being mocked by fish. As a child, I was traumatized when I was forced to consume a creamed fish dish called Finnan Haddie, which I always thought was Fin and Hattie until I just wikipediaed the name. (I envisioned a jaunty chapeau worn by a goldfish that was drenched in butter and cream that made the house reek for days). When I was pregnant with my first child, the smell of anything scale-related made me nauseous to the point that if I saw a Long John Silvers I would have to cross the street. Even now, I avoid the Shedd Aquarium. Continue reading