Science-fictiony time travel plots are as popular in movies as junior mints and tubs of popcorn. In some instances, the way you go is not as important as why. (I’ve done some discourse on this in the past because I always welcome a chance to throw a little vitriol at Midnight in Paris). Pithy sayings aside, sometimes it is the destination and to hell with the journey. How you get there isn’t really the most important thing if the question is “If you could go back in time, would you kill Hitler?” Continue reading “Looper”


Tragedy is pretty cut and dry. It’s easy enough to agree that some things that happen in life will make you cry, although everyone has different weep thresholds. It may take cataclysmic natural disasters to squeeze a tear out of you, while just hearing Sarah McLachlan’s Angel on the radio makes me sob uncontrollably (those poor dogs!). But comedy is a bit more subjective. What I laugh at might confuse you; what you find hilarious would probably puzzle me and possibly make me want to move my chair a little further away. Continue reading “50/50”