Oscar 2022!

March is the most exciting month of the year, where the Madness takes over and we fill in our brackets and start placing our bets!

I am referring, of course, to the 94th Academy Awards, coming soon on March 27. The Oscars have lost some shimmer the past few years; no one seems to want to host and face masks just did not work with couture evening wear. Then there was that whole La La Land/Moonlight Best Picture debacle a few years ago that just made everyone look foolish. But the Awards will be back this year—with three hosts!—and the dubious statement that nominees don’t have to prove they are vaccinated. Let’s hope Ricky Schroeder isn’t up for Best Actor.
Flicksthatmakemesick will attempt to post a review for every Best Picture nominee. (These reviews will be marked as *BP22.) Most of them are streaming now, so the fact that I’ve only seen a few so far shouldn’t be a problem. I was going to say I simply won’t sleep, but frankly, after watching The Power of the Dog, I may never sleep again.

The Artist/Hugo

Shut up. No, really, just be quiet for a minute. The cacophony that surrounds us in our daily lives is so out of control that we’re all going to end up like Pete Townshend, muttering “What?” everytime someone asks him about his generation. It’s gotten to the point where you can’t tell the difference between a real estate agent who’s on the phone closing a deal and the batshit crazy dude who’s walking down the street talking smack to himself, because the decibel level is about the same. We all need to just shut up for awhile. Continue reading “The Artist/Hugo”