The Five Year Engagement

I found it extremely odd that 3 out of the last 13 movies I have reviewed have had Jason Segel in them. Jason is a likable goof, but I don’t seek out films that he’s in – I don’t even watch How I Met Your Mother. But it all came clear to me when I discovered Vulture’s very informative Map of the Comedy Zeitgeist that explains the hierarchy of hilarity – study it carefully, as it will keep you abreast of the next wave of funny that will be coming your way. Apparently Paul Rudd will be in all of them, and that is a good thing. Continue reading “The Five Year Engagement”

Our Idiot Brother

I have a confession to make. I am a Paul Rudd whore. There are few things that bring me more pleasure than settling down to watch Role Models or I Love You, Man. Sometimes I dab a little Sex Panther behind each ear just so I can smell like him. And if I ever get a chance to meet James Westfall and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater*, I will not hesitate to …well, I’ll keep that little fantasy to myself for my private online blog (www.thingsidliketojuggle). Continue reading “Our Idiot Brother”