The Muppet Movie

Anyone who follows pop culture is sure to have noticed the surge of puppet sex in the last several years. Avenue Q (2002) started it on Broadway, when the loveable Muppet-like characters began getting it on in a way that was vaguely unsettling, considering that they were blue and fuzzy. In 2004, Team America (Fuck Yeah!) took it to a whole new level. Trey Parker and Matt Stone had to fight to keep their little movie from being tagged with an NC17 rating because of the variety of positions the dolls assumed. They succeeded, but left in just enough marionette fornication to forever change the way you look at the racks of Barbie dolls at Target. In last year’s The Beaver, Mel Gibson wanted to do it with Jodie Foster while the beaver puppet participated, opening up the plot line to a whole new array of punch lines. Continue reading