Final Thoughts on the Academy Awards

Well, now, that wasn’t so good, was it? I think I would rather watch James Franco cut off his arm than see him host this show again. Dude was either terrified or stoned, and I hope for his sake it was the latter because at least he won’t remember how bad he was. And Anne Hathaway had a lot of pretty dresses. I’m really sorry Exit Through the Gift Shop didn’t win because I heard Banksy was going to show up in a monkey suit. At least that would have livened things up a little.

2 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on the Academy Awards

  1. Kathy Ansell

    I was glad some of the awards were spread out among the top ten films (and even beyond, such as Alice in Wonderland). Thus Inception, The Social Network and Black Swan got a little love. The Brit winners had the best acceptance speeches, by far. And that includes Christian Bale, who always surprises me when he opens his mouth. But, you’re right–pretty dull. Who can they draft next as host who hasn’t worn out their welcome?

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